An investment arm of the Sharjah government, Sharjah Asset Management (SAM) primarily handles a global investment portfolio for the management of property assets. By building strategic partnerships with leading asset management companies and investment agencies, SAM is a conduit for driving Sharjah's continued economic growth. Developing and managing property projects in the Emirate, SAM is highly focused on multiple sectors including finance and trade, logistics, technology, telecommunications, real estate, industry, transport, and oil and gas.

SAM is committed to conducting business in a sustainable manner, by building strategic partnerships with asset management agencies and companies operating across diverse industry sectors. Our goal and ambition is to be a trusted partner of choice – delivering reliable solutions that create value for our investors and the Sharjah economy as a whole.

As an active asset manager, acting solely in the interests of our investors, SAM’s global business model allows us to offer services in international markets and asset classes across the investment spectrum. Coupled with a world-class team of finance professionals working to the highest operational standards and international practices, SAM is able to maximise returns from its investments and asset management activities, in support of developing and sustaining Sharjah's economic diversification.